Magical/Treat Me Like An Animal 7”
Revenge/Naughty Naughty 7”
Love Grammar/12”
Love Grammar/Treat Me Like An Animal 7”
Love Grammar/Heartbreaker 7”
Naughty Naughty/Everything They Said Was True/Revenge 12”
Don’t Leave your Mark On Me/Remix/Love Grammar 12”
Don’t Leave Your Mark On Me/Love Grammar 7”
St. Elmo’s Fire/Treat Me Like An Animal/Making Love With A Stranger 12”
St. Elmo’s Fire/One Love 7”
St. Elmo’s Fire/ Naughty Naughty 7”
Don’t Worry ‘bout Me/Two Hearts 7”
Restless Heart/Crystal Eye/ Restless Heart 12”
Restless Heart/Crystal Eye 7”
Blame It On The Radio/Two Hearts 7”
Running The Endless Mile/Blame It On The Radio 7”
Running The Endless Mile/Making Love With A Stranger 7”
Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries (with Meatloaf)/Exploded version/RPM 12”
Two Hearts edit version/extended version/Somebody Stole My Thunder 12”
Always On My Mind 7”
St. Elmo’s Fire/Naughty Naughty/Love Grammar/Magical (Japan) 12”

CD Singles

Restless Heart CD's
Restless Heart (Extended)/Crystal Eye/ Restless Heart (single)
Man With A Vision CD's
Man With A Vision/Forever’s Not For Everyone/Come Out Fightin’
It’s Starting All Over Again CD's
It’s Startin’ All Over Again/Ghost Driver/Killer On The Sheets
The River Runs Deep cds
The River Runs Deep/Family Tree/A Few Good Men/The River Runs Deep (Retro Mix)
Size of the Boat CD's
Size Of The Boat/Size Of The Boat/Size Of The Boat/Time 11/Out Of Faze Secrets CD's
Secrets (Radio edit)/Secrets (Directors cut)/ Makin’ Love To Your Answer Machine
Westward Ho CD's
Westward Ho (12” version)/Trabi Goes To Napoli/Westward Ho (7” version)
Always On My Mind/ Take Me Home (Joe Esposito) CD's
Always On My Mind/Take Me Home (Joe Espodito) 7”
St. Elmo’s Fire (Radio Hallam promotion) CD'S
St. Elmo’s Fire (re-recording)/St. Elmo’s Fire (slow version)
New Horizon (John Parr vrs Tommyknockers) cds
Radio Edit/Club Mix/Human Outlaw Remix/Eden Project Remix/Ghegeletro Remix/Video
Walking Out Of The Darkness CD's
Walking Out Of The Darkness (Radio Edit) /Dream On/Walking Out Of The Darkness (Full)/(Open Mic)

John Parr

Running The Endless Mile, Man With A Vision,
Under Parr,
Man In Motion (2CD) - (Man With A Vision/Under Parr & bonus acoustic St. Elmo’s Fire)
King Biscuit LP (with Yes) 28.4.85 Naughty Naughty, Somebody Stole My Thunder, Heartbreaker, Love Grammar, Magical, She’s Gonna Love You To Death, Letter To America.


Under A Raging Moon (Roger Daltrey) guitar/composer
Live In World (Anti Heroin Project) vocals
Man With A Vision (Seven) backing vocals/composer/producer
Inside Love (Seven) backing vocals/composer/producer
Night Moves/Beauty Or The Beast (Marilyn Martin) composer
Night Moves (Sunstorm) composer
Killer On The Sheets (Tom Jones) composer
Magical (Bucks Fizz) composer
St. Elmo’s Fire (David Essex) composer
St. Elmo’s Fire (The Ventures) composer
St. Elmo’s Fire (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) composer
St. Elmo’s Fire (Munich Symphonic Sound Orchestra) composer
Romeo’s Daughter co-producer with Mutt Lange
Do It Again (New Monkees) composer
Danger In Paradise (Tygers of Pan Tang) composer
Don’t Leave Your Mark On Me (Meatloaf) (on Bad Attitude) composer
Cheatin’ In Your Dreams (Meatloaf) (on Bad Attitude)composer
Web of Love (Sarah Jory) producer/composer
Songs of Australia (Jeff Turner) co-produced/bkgd vocals
Somewhere (full Version)/Somewhere (Instrumental) (Hatfield High) producer
Running Wild/Phoenix Rising (The Ultimate Guitar) Instrumental producer
The Price You Pay (Up With People - The Festival ) Composer/vocals
Ocean City/Rock Age (Time Machine: Rick Wakeman) vocals
Paris (Various) vocals
Marilyn Martin (producer)
Ghost Driver (Bobby Whitlock) composer
Left For Live (John Entwistle) Under A Raging Moon (composer)
The Festival (Up With People) The Price You Pay vocals/composer
All That I Can Be/ Scratch Lauren Mitchell (composer/producer/backing vocals/instrumentals)

Film/TV Themes

St.Elmo’s Fire: St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion) vocals
American Anthem: Two Hearts Vocals/composer/producer/guitar
Quicksilver: Love Theme: Through The Night vocals (with Marilyn Martin)/composer
Flight Of The Spruce Goose: Love Grammar/Steal You Away
Three Men and a Baby: The Minute I Saw You
The Running Man: Restless Heart
Near Dark: Naughty Naughty
Go Trabi Go: Westward Ho/White Doves Have Crossed The Borders (Germany)
Butterbrot: Always On My Mind (Germany)
Einsatz fur Lohbeck: The River Runs Deep (Germany)
Road To Damascus: What If/Don’t Leave Me Standing Here/No Sleep ‘til Sundown instrumental/producer/vocals/composer
The Brothers Solomon: St.Elmo’s Fire

TV Shows

Miami Vice (Naughty Naughty featured in episode 38 Season 2 - ‘Florence Italy’)
The Simpsons (St Elmo’s Fire featured in episode 2 Season 2 ‘Sideshow Bob Roberts’)
Superbowl: St. Elmo’s Fire
American Bandstand: 2.2.85 Naughty Naughty/Magical/guest
31.8.85 St. Elmo’s Fire/Looking Over My Shoulder/guest
27.12.86 Blame It On The Radio/guest Wogan, 9.85 St. Elmo’s Fire 9.85 Bachelor Boy (sketch with Cliff Richard)
6.10.86 Two Hearts
20.8.86 Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries (with Meatloaf) Solid Gold:
6.4.85 Ep.221 Magical
25.5.85 Ep.226 Magical
8.6.85 Ep.228 Magical
21.9.85 Ep.240 St. Elmo’s Fire
9.11.85 Ep.247 St. Elmo’s Fire
30.11.85 Ep.250 Love Grammar 15.2.86
30.8.86 Ep.280 St. Elmo’s Fire
7.3.87 Ep.303 Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries (with Meatloaf)
6.12.87 Ep.293 Blame It On The Radio
11.7.87 Ep,313 Don’t Worry ‘bout Me

Music Videos

1. Magical (Inc. Rock Experience)
2. Somebody Stole My Thunder
3. Love Grammar
4. Don’t Leave Your Mark On Me
5. Naughty Naughty (Dir. David Rathod)
6. St. Elmo’s Fire (USA version) (Inc. St. Elmo’s Fire)
7. Two Hearts
8. Blame It On The Radio
9. Running The Endless Mile
10. Man With A Vision
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries (Dir. Terence Donovan) (Inc. Hits 5 Video Selection)
12. Restless Heart
13. New Horizon (features Ben Parr)

Letter To America Album - 07 04 2011

The Minute I Saw You (Main Title from Three Men & A Baby)
The Best A Man Can Get (Full acoustic version of Gillette commercial)
Dream On,
Letter to America,
The Natural Thing,
Under a Raging Moon (Parr's composition that became Roger Daltry's biggest album to date in the States),
At The Cathedral,
A highly original version of Katy Perry's Firework,
World Keep Turnin',
St Elmo's Fire (unplugged),
Bedsit Paradise,
Oh Well,
Time, Secrets,
Come Out Fighting,
Dirty Lovin',
Man With A Vision,
Love In a Layby,
Ghost Driver,
It's Startin' All Over Again,
Restless Heart (from the Schwarzenegger Box Office Blockbuster, The Running Man),
New rock version of Billboard Number 1. St. Elmo's Fire

The Mission Album - 07 04 2012

Big Bad Silverado
Enlisted Man
The Boy I Left Behind
Come Out Fighting
Soldiers Wife
Boots On The Ground
Military Man
A Few Good Men
Fightin' Girl
At The Cathedral
Fly Boys Fly
M4 Practice
Bound By The Thread Of The Flag