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John Parr announces for the summer of 2012, 4 of his songs will now be available on Rock Band Game. St. Elmo's Fire, Tim Tebow's Fire, Under A Raging Moon and Naughty Naughty.

"It is a huge honor to be working with John Parr to bring his music to the Rock Band Network. His songs are a lot of fun and should get everyone in the room singing along. And not only are players getting an opportunity to play along to great songs, but they also have a chance to give to charity with Tim Tebow's Fire. It's exciting to be a part of it all."

"St. Elmo's Fire", "Tim Tebow's Fire" and "Naughty Naughty" Rockband and Rockband Blitz are now available for the X-Box.

Under A Raging Moon Back Story

My former manager was with THE WHO from the very beginning, starting out as a driver for Keith Moon and eventually working his way up to production manager responsible for some of those incredible laser shows that graced this great band's concerts.

During the 30 years my former manager spent with Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend and John Entwistle he saw it all. From the demolishing of hotel rooms, destroying onstage equipment and plunging Rolls Royces into swimming pools.

In the ten years he was my manager we traveled hundreds of thousands of miles together and during this time I heard every story about Keith's exploits from the horses mouth so to speak.

Keith had sadly died before we hooked up but I did meet up with Roger and John. I did a couple of TV shows with John, and of course along with Julia Downes wrote “Under a Raging Moon” for Roger.

I sang back-up on Roger's version which became the lead track of his album that he graciously entitled "Under a Raging Moon". On that recording many of the world’s top drummers came in to the studio to solo on the record as a tribute to Keith, I remember the late great Cozy Powell playing a killer solo and then kicking the kit all over the studio. He said "I think Keith would have liked that".

I still have a few mementoes from Keith in my studio The Studer headphone amp was originally Keith's home hi-fi amp. When my former manager was picking him up one day it came crashing through the lounge window and smashed in pieces on the drive. Keith said "it was too complicated". Well that amp was stuck together with epoxy glue and now resides in pride of place at my gaff. Up until a few years ago I had Keith's dentist chair. It was a huge brown leather pump up chair, very like the old barber shop chairs but it had head restraints and all kind of bolt on goodies. It looked more like a device for torture than for pulling teeth...or maybe that's the same thing.

Under a Raging Moon was our humble tribute to the most original and charismatic man ever to beat a drum kit. His star will never fade nor will his memory. I was proud to perform the song as a duet with Roger at MSG. We were joined on stage by many of the greats from the music business, even Yoko, Julian and Sean Lennon got up, all wishing to pay a tribute to Keith. It truly was one of the most memorable nights of my life. You should check out Roger's original version, I think it captures the essence of The Who and indeed Roger, whose vocals to me are at their absolute peak.

God bless you Mr. Moon. I know you're out there shining.

John Parr

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Under a Raging Moon